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Welcome to our parish

Prayer of St. Barnabas X San Bernabé

O Lord and Heavenly Father, send your Holy Spirit upon the church of St. Barnabas X San Bernabé, to inspire us, guide us, and give us strength to do Your will, that we, as individuals and as a congregation, will witness fully to the Truth that is Jesus. Send us to those in need, place us in their lives, and make us such a beacon of Your love for all humankind, that we will pierce the present darkness of the world and bring people from all nations to Christ Jesus, in whose Holy Name we pray. Amen

Our Mission:

Evangelism: Moving forward with faith.

 We are on a mission from God!

Our Vision: "Seeing Christ in others"

1200 North Shiloh, Garland, TX 75042 Office - 972-494-6600   Fax - 972-276-0824  
E-Mail - stbarnabas1@sbecg.org